You’ll get accustomed to not having money

     As the time passes by and you start to develop yourself both professionally and personally you’ll come to find that you’ll get accustomed to not having money. This may sound completely contradictory. How is it possible for me to not have money? When I’m growing in so many areas. Well the answer is not that complicated.


     While you are moving up in the world. Building on your profession and success. Debt is growing with you. Let me explain how. All of us have different ideas and dreams of things we want to achieve or have if we had some money. For some this could be buying an expensive car, building your dream house or maybe even traveling the world. Even though these things are different, they all have a common denominator, money. Yes, they all cost money. 

     We are all fascinated with the idea of, what we would do if we had money. All the things we’d have and the things we’d do. But we forget the importance of the things we OWE. For some people, they don’t really owe anything (lucky you), but other have one to many debts piled up. Let me give you some examples of the most common debts:

Student Loans

Credit card debts

Personal Loans

Car debt

House Mortgage

     These are just five common and very simple examples of debt. That more than 90% of people have one of, in some way. But why do I say you’ll get accustomed to not having money? you may ask. Simple. If you don’t develop a plan to start to pay off the things that you owe, chances are you’ll probably end up paying two times more of what you really used. Combine that with all the living expenses and luxuries you have. The chances of saving a penny is very slim. 

     While you’re in your productive stage in your life, when you are young and full of energy. This may not seem like a big problem. But give it some time, when you start to wonder; How am I going to retire? I’m tired of working so hard. That is the precise moment when you’ll notice that debt won you over. 

     By no means, I am saying that you should not enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am all for indulging on the success of hard work. But being financially conscience and aware of the reality that you live, is key. My advice is;

Don’t plan for the person you are today. Plan for the person you want to be tomorrow.


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality”

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