We don’t always see our success

     The year is almost over, and we are preparing for to start off a new decade, 2020. One of the questions that has been running through my mind lately is:

“Did I get the most out of this past year?”

     Not only have I asked myself this question, but I have asked for other people’s opinion. The bases of my question is divided in sections…

What have I done this year?

On what can I improve?

What things should I stop doing?

     These came with mixed reviews and opinions. As seen by people from different perspectives as mine. Which made me think. 

“We don’t always see our success, yet we focus on our failures.”

     There were more things that I could think and talk about negatively of things I’ve done or should improve, rather than those I had success in. I noticed that I found it easier to see my own faults, than my virtues. 

     We are not encouraged enough to see the good things we achieve and aspire to do. Yet we are constantly remembered not to fail. One of the things I aspire to work on in the future is to start focusing on the bigger picture. 

     We all have greatness inside of us. 

     You will always find something to be proud of yourself. 


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality”

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