The Start of a New Decade

We are two weeks away from starting a new decade. Yes, it sounds strange, when we think about it because when you talk about the 1990’s is like talking about a few days ago. Yet we have experienced a lot in this last decade from the start of the 2010’s to the end of the 2019. 

  • The First African American president of the United States – Barack Obama
  • The rise of humanitarian rights and equality movements such as 
    • Black Lives Matter
    • The LGBT Movement 
    • The rise of women all over with the Feminism movement 
  • All the humanitarian and country revolutions such as Venezuela, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico

     We can list countless movements, world events and even tragedies that the world has experienced throughout the passing of a decade. Some of these we had an active role in, as supporters or followers, and with others we watched from a far. 

     The reality is that as time passes by, more changes and revolutions we’ll experience from

  • Technological advances
  • Social movements 
  • Environmental changes 

The important thing with all of this is:

What role do I want to have the next ten years?

     Do you want to be a follower or supporter? Maybe you want to watch, what happens before deciding on taking a stand. Or even perhaps you don’t want to do anything and just watch as the world changes right in front of you. 

     These decisions are strictly in your hands. You may believe that you are just one single person and have no power to change the world. But let me tell you this, you do have control on the world that surrounds you. You can make a difference with the stands you take and the way you carry yourself. You have the power to influence people that listen to you talk and see you act. 

I encourage you to:

Fight for the things you believe.

Defend the things you love.

Help those in need.

     Who knows? Maybe at the end of the decade we’ll be talking about you!


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always rememeber to have that KING mentality”

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