Having a good start, helps for a good ending

     One the most important things at the moment when you build a house it’s the foundation on which it’s built. Having a strong foundation, makes sure that the rest of the house is built correctly. 

      Just as you build a house, creating new habits or starting new things depend on solid foundations. When you want to start a financial strategy, one of the best ways to stick to it, is by defining a specific plan for its achievement. By having a solid foundation from the start its helps you to stick to it.

     The choices we make at the beginning of the year work exactly like this. They are our foundation for the goals and challenges we want to conquer throughout the year. Having a clear vision on what we want to achieve is crucial for success. 

     A great tool that you can use is writing all the thing you want to achieve on a journal, piece of paper, white board or even your bathroom mirror. Have them close by so you can look at them from time to time to keep yourself focused on the vision you have.

     Writing things down, as well as discussing them with friends and partners is a great way to realize goals. By writing and talking you start to make ideas into realities. 

     As the time passes by, we’ll face obstacles along the way, some will be greater than other, yet this should not discourage you. If you start your year, your goals or anything you want to achieve with a good fundamental, you’ll see that having a good start, helps for a good ending.


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality” 

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