Pay Yourself First

     Has it ever happened that at the end of the month after you receive your paycheck it seems to fly always seems to fly away quicker than you received it. I believe that we have all experienced this in some point of our lives. This maybe be happening to you right now, and it’s one of the most frustrating things that can happen to someone. 

     After a while of experiencing this feeling, I found myself reading some article and watching some videos on personal finance, and one things that all of them had in common is the practice of:


     This sounded odd at first, because I believed that receiving my check biweekly at that time was paying myself. Yet what this actually meant was, paying yourself first before getting in to all of the bills, utilities, rent and any other monthly expense. 

     Seeing yourself as a priority, just like the bills and monthly responsibilities will change your mind set on the money you work hard for. Identifying what feels comfortable and responsible to pay yourself, before you divide the rest, will fix the frustration problem we’ve all experienced. 

    Try this the next time you receive a check or salary. Feel it out. See how this money habit works for you. This could be a good opportunity for you to learn if you have too much spending or where you can improve financially.

     But the most important part of all of this is….

If it’s your money, why can’t you have some left over for you? 


Emanuelle Santiago

“Always remember to have that KING mentality!” 

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