Edwin A. Rodriguez

Founded Financial Tenacity at age 22, after graduating from the University of the Ozark in Arkansas. Obtained magna cum laude honors with a Bachelor in Science specialized in both Economics and International Business Majors. During his time at Ozark, he participated as an NCAA athlete for the schools baseball team. Also, elected as the Special Projects Director for the Rotaract club which conducted community service projects weekly. As a teenager, was actively involved with the community with a number of community service projects and acts. Was part of the Boys Scout of America organization and obtained the Eagle Scout Rank. Proved his leadership in the NYLT program (National Youth Leadership Training), after being a participant, was asked to return and form part of the staff. Will be undergoing an MBA, specialized in Supply Chain Global Integration Management, during the fall of 2019.
Is and will always be a Yankees Fan, but does acknowledge when other teams are good. Believes in growing by lifting up others around him. “Growth should be a collective goal, not individual.” Aspires to be the worlds greatest investor and exciting entrepreneur.

Emanuelle Santiago


Born in 1996 in the island of Puerto Rico, as a child moved to different countries because of his father’s work, and at the age of 5 returned to Puerto Rico where he lives today. Since a young age demonstrated a passion to help others, joining different organizations to do so, most notable Boy Scouts of America, where he reached the Eagle Scout Honors and served for 12 years in the movement. As a professional he studied a BS in Biology with a minor concentration in Chemistry, to later change his focus on business, to achieve an MBA specialized in Finance. While studying his MBA worked as a Financial Analyst for several months as a contractor. In February 2019, he officially developed his company LEON (Leading Entrepreneur Organization) in which he provides workshops specialized in Finance, Leadership and Business Development as well as consulting.  


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